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The great outdoors, the tranquility of the location and the warm-hearted and friendly people with their cultural diversity, are all big contributors to what attracts people to this area.

The region consists of about 5000 people from surrounding villages, hamlets and communities.

These small communities have an abundance of recreational activities to offer with their natural habitat. Their agricultural land, fields, river and slews are big attractions for the avid outdoorsmen who enjoy fishing, hunting, quading, sledding, camping and much more.

Most of these communities, towns, villages, and hamlets have indoor or outdoor recreational complexes where gymnastics, hockey, curling, gymkhana and much more can be enjoyed and viewed year round depending on the sport. There is something for everyone no matter what your age or taste even a Ski Hill for the winter months’ enjoyment or a splash park to beat the summer heat.

If your interests are reading, knitting or computers, we have that too!